A New Hunting Ground

A new college has been added to the “hunting ground” list. Baylor University is in the spotlight for ignoring three claims of sexual assault. The university has also been accused of not enforcing federal general discrimination protections. In the midst of this scandal, Baylor has demoted their president and chancellor, Ken Starr. This was due to him mishandling the allegations. Also in the hot seat is Art Briles, Baylor’s head football coach. He was fired because he turned his back on the accusations made by victims of sexual assault against his players.

Earlier this month, Briles has filed a motion against the university for unfairly blaming him and the football program for the college’s “institutional failure” of addressing sexual assaults. He claims that the university kept him out of meetings and a subsequent deal with victim and her lawyer. The victim, Jasmine Hernandez was raped by football player, Tevin Elliot. Elliot was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. During Elliot’s trial, information about three other women that he raped came out. There were also allegations of an attempted rape of a fourth woman. Briles feels that the university is using him as a scapegoat.

As always I am angry and shocked at the school’s officials. Of course, because there is absolutely no safety for female students. But most of all, it’s how they treat the victims. They care more about their standing than they do about the wellbeing of their students. Every college in every city has to take a stand and stop letting this crime happen over and over again. And yes, this is a crime! This is not a “misunderstanding” or “twenty minutes of action”. This is a crime and something that the victim will carry with them for the rest of their lives. If the colleges won’t change it, then we have to.

Below I have provided a link to It’s On Us. You can sign the petition, use their resources, and donate. We have to start somewhere. This cannot continue.


~Be Blessed~



It’s On Us


Lawsuit Claims Baylor is “hunting ground” for rapists


Fired Coach Art Briles Says Baylor Using Him as A Scapegoat


Photo by Aman Bhargava on Unsplash

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