An Introduction to Remember


Cora Walker is the new State Representative of the 74th District in Missouri. She will be joining other representatives in January at the Capitol. To introduce herself to her colleagues, Walker sent out an email that gave her name and the district she would be over. Walker also introduced herself as a victim of sexual assault. She wrote: “My name is Cora Faith Walker. I will be in the Capitol in January as the Representative of the 74th District. Earlier this week, I reported a sexual assault to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. I named my rapist as Steven Roberts Jr., who hopes to be in the Capitol in January as the Representative of the 77th District.”

This is a small quote from the email, which she sent out to Republican Speaker of the House Todd Richardson, Minority Floor Leader Jake Hummel and Assistant Minority Floor Leader Gail McCann-Beatty. She went on in her letter to ask them not to swear Roberts in until an investigation was over.

Cora Walker is a Ferguson, Missouri lawyer, who at the time of her attack was running for a seat in the Missouri House. Walker said that she and Roberts, a former assistant prosecutor, had a meeting on the night of Aug. 26th at Robert’s home. She went to discuss how they could work together in their new positions at the Capitol. She said she arrived around 9:30p.m. and that she had two glasses of wine and doesn’t remember anything else after that. Walker woke up the next morning in Robert’s bed. She said that she told her husband the next day, but that they waited several weeks before going to the police. To read Walker’s letter, click here.

Sources in the police department have confirmed that there is an active investigation into Walker’s accusations; even though Roberts has not been arrested or charged. Of course, Roberts strongly denies that he assaulted Walker, but we’ll get to that in a moment. In response to Walker’s letter, Todd Richardson said, “The letter I received from future colleague Cora Faith Walker containing extremely serious and disturbing allegations against another potential future House member, Steven Roberts, about an incident last month in St. Louis. The kind of conduct alleged cannot be tolerated in our state and will not be tolerated in the House of Representatives. While the House has no jurisdiction over non-members, we will monitor the criminal investigation closely and continue to have a zero tolerance policy for a sexual assault, misconduct and harassment.”

The Missouri minority leader in the House, Hummel and the assistant minority leader, McCann-Beatty sent out a joint statement saying, “Cora Faith Walker has shown great courage in publicly seeking justice for the assault against her. It is vitally important for the legal system to diligently pursue this matter to an appropriate resolution.”


Now, as I said before, Roberts has denied any wrong doing on his part. His lawyer, Scott Rosenblum said that the allegations are unfounded. He said that he believes that they will be “able to basically undermine those allegations pretty quickly. Whatever happened between these individuals was absolutely consensual and I think we have what I would call objective evidence to support that.”

I would love to know what kind of evidence he and his client could possibly have. Roberts, who was interviewed on This Week in Missouri Politics, made a statement, click here to read. In Walker’s rebuttal, she denies having an ongoing affair with Roberts. She went on to say, “His words are an example of why victims and survivors of sexual assault don’t come forward.” Walker continued and said that she is not the first woman to accuse Roberts of assault.

Back in April of 2015, a college student accused him of sexual assault. Roberts was arrested on suspicion of second-degree sodomy, but he was not charged due to the allegations being “unfounded”. (There’s that word again)

Through it all Walker has stayed strong and stood by her allegations against Roberts. When asked her thoughts about what may happen in the case, she said, “The odds are against me. But I know what happened to me. And I know I don’t want it to happen to anybody else. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But it’s OK to speak up. It’s OK to be afraid.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

~Be Blessed~

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