Aspire to Change


I learned about the Aspire App through an episode of Dr. Phil. His wife, Robin McGraw, talked about an app she created to help anyone that is the victim of domestic violence. I’ve wanted to talk about this app for some time, but I wanted to find out all I could first. The app was released back in 2013 and has almost a million downloads to date. But let’s talk about what the app actually does.


The Aspire App is a news app. When you open it, you can get anywhere from local news, national news, to horoscopes. But with the push of a button the app turns into a connection to any help service or family member that you have listed under contacts to be notified when you are in danger. The app requires that you put in at least three contacts that can be notified with a press of a button. The app can also be used as an audio recording device when a victim is in an escalating situation.

The app can be found in Android Google Play and your app store for iPhone. I’ve provided a link below for you to learn more. I chose not to share a lot about the app due to what it’s used for. I hope if you or someone you know that is a victim of domestic violence will download this app. The link below also provides tones of information about domestic violence. Click on the Aspire link at the top of the screen.

~Be Blessed~



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