In Memory of Zeneatrice Crawford


Since last week I have been following the story of another victim of domestic violence. Zeneatrice Crawford, 41, of Memphis, TN was kidnapped and murdered Saturday morning by her ex-boyfriend, Raymond Clark. Clark went to Crawford’s home and forced her and her two daughters into his car. Clark was said to have went to Crawford’s grandmother’s house and told them that something happened to Crawford.

I don’t quite understand why he went to her family’s home. But the family told police that before they could stop him, Clark ran back to his car and sped away. They said they could hear the children screaming from the trunk. The family also claimed that they saw blood on the car.

The police searched for Crawford and her two children, but were only able to find the children. Thankfully, they were unharmed. Police continued their search for the mother only to find her body that evening on Whitney Avenue. Clark had stabbed Crawford to death. This story like many others break my heart. To hear that this mother has been taken from her children is a story we hear too often. Some people think that once you leave an abusive relationship that’s the end of the abuse. Well, it’s not. A lot of time things get more dangerous. The police are still looking for Clark, who is wanted for first degree murder and aggravated kidnapping. Reports say that his car was found in Atlanta. Crawford’s family pleads with Clark to turn himself in so no one else will be hurt.

I pray that this family is able to pull together and lay to rest a beautiful woman and loving mother. I understand that no one looks for this to happen, but we should always be on the lookout. As I said before, we may not be safe just because we left the situation. Please be careful.

~Be Blessed~

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