Missing: Keila Freeman


Keila Freeman, mother of two, has been missing for a week. When questioned by the police, the husband said he last saw her at 3:30a.m. Tuesday morning. He stated that she parked in the garage and sat in the car. Apparently, he went to bed and woke up again around 4a.m. and saw that she wasn’t in bed. He called her phone, but there was no answer. By 6a.m. he called her mother. When Keila’s mother arrived, she found Keila’s car keys still in the ignition. In the house, Keila’s purse was on the coffee table, and her jeans were found on the floor with her debit card in the pocket. The police haven’t found any other clues in their search or they have chosen not to share what they have found.

A few days after Keila Freeman went missing, Randall Freeman was arrested for arson. He was caught on surveillance video throwing a burning object into a house two miles from his home. His bond has been set at $500,000. Keila’s family has offered $10,000 for any information on her whereabouts. If you have any information, contact the Memphis Police Department at (901)545-2677/(901)636-3300.


Over the past weekend, family, friends, and volunteers met in front Freeman’s home for a vigil before going out on a search. Please pray that this family will be united with their loved one.

~Be Blessed~

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