The Case of John Enochs


The justice system is once again in the news for its handling of another rape case that has happened on a college campus. Business major at Indiana University, John Enochs has been accused, charged, and sentenced for the alleged rape of two different women. The problem with the case is the sentencing. What’s new, right? Enochs was sentenced to, wait for it, ONE day in jail and a year of probation. Way to go justice system (that’s sarcasm by the way)!

The rapes took place on the campus at his fraternity house, Delta Tau Delta, in October 2013 and April 2015. The prosecutor’s office stated that each case as a stand-alone had insufficient evidence. Which is why they approached him with a plea deal. Ultimately, Enochs was given a day in jail and one year of probation for misdemeanor battery with moderately bodily injury.

Robert Miller, the chief deputy prosecutor stated that he’d tried to reach out to the victims before the plea was put on the table, but neither of them could be reached. And with time running out, they had to go ahead with the plea.


After spending one night in jail, Enochs was seen on a country club golf course…smiling. He was shown with a friend playing a round of golf. I’m sure having gotten away with the rape of two women, he probably thought he was on a lucky streak. Though he was expelled from Indiana University, I’m sure he can find another college that is willing to let him lurk their halls.

No matter how many of these articles I read, I can’t stop myself from distrusting the justice system more every time it lets a rapist free. Each time a rapist is set free, the justice system has put more women in danger’s path. God help those women! They will probably have no clue of what these men have done in their past.

To read a few of the full articles, I’ve left their links below.

~Be Blessed~


Prosecutor Explains Plea Deal In Case of Indiana University Student Twice Accused of Rape

Grinning On His Country Club Golf Course…

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