This Is an Epidemic


David Becker…

Austin James Wilkerson…

Nate Parker…

And the list sadly goes on and on. We are in a times when sexual assault is becoming the norm. The word “no”, unconsciousness, incoherent, mean absolutely nothing. Case after case, the perpetrator gets a slap on the wrist and gets to move on with their life, unscathed. Possibly to rape someone else. While the victim has to find a way to go on with their lives. Sadly, some can’t find the strength to go on and ultimately end their lives. Each of these men have been unleashed on the world to possibly hurt again.

For the Becker case, David Becker was accused of raping two unconscious classmates at a party. His punishment, two years of probation and an evaluation for sex offender treatment. He won’t have to register as a sex offender. The judge continued the case until August 2018. One of the victims said that her and her friend fell asleep in the same bed and woke up to Becker assaulting them. She even said that Becker was known around school campus as “David the Rapist”. Becker’s lawyer said, “We all made mistakes when we were 17, 18, 19 years old, and we shouldn’t be branded for life with a felony offense and branded a sex offender. The fact that anyone is deeming sexual assault as a mistake and not a crime is unbelievable to me.

Austin Wilkerson, is a former University of Colorado student, who was also sentenced to two years of probation under work release. Which means Wilkerson will be able to go to work and school during the day and report to jail at night. Now, Wilkerson did receive 20 years of sex offender-specific intensive probation. This will include treatment and therapy and lifetime registration as a sex offender. I don’t know if the registering as a sex offender will stick, but we will see.

Lastly, there’s Nate Parker. Parker is known for his movie Birth of a Nation, for which he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in. Back in 1999 Parker was attending Pennsylvania State University when he was charged with rape. He claimed that the victim knew what was happening and that it was consensual sex. It’s been said that the case has overshadowed the release of his movie debut. The victim unfortunately committed suicide in 2012.

All of these cases have one horrible thing in common: the fact that each victim has to watch their rapist get away scot-free. As always there are links provided below.


~Be Blessed~


Former High School Star Athlete Accused of Rape Gets Probation

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