Gregory Green Serial Abuser & Killer



In 2016, on the morning of Sept. 21st, Faith Green lost everything. Her four children, Kaleigh Green, 4; Koi Green, 5; Kara Allen, 17; and Chadney Allen, 19, died at the hands of Faith’s ex-husband, Gregory Green. Kaleigh and Koi were put in the car and died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Chadney and Kara were shot, execution style, in front of their mother. Faith Green was cut across the face with a box cutter, shot in the foot and tied up. She was the only survivor.

According to prosecutors, Green called the police and told them that he’d just killed his entire family. When the police arrived, Green was sitting on the porch. The police went into the home and found Faith Green tied up in the basement with the bodies of her eldest two children next to her. Her youngest children were found in their beds.

Believe it or not, this is not Gregory Green’s first time on trial for murder. Green spent 16 years in prison for the murder of his first wife, Tonya Clayton Green. She was six months pregnant at the time. Tonya and her unborn child was murdered in 1991. At the time, Tonya Green was trying to leave her husband. A close friend said that Tonya told her that Gregory was acting different. The last time Tonya was heard from, she told her friend after church that she was going home and pack. Tonya, was never heard from again.

Gregory stabbed his first wife multiple times and then called the police and waited. His first wife was also going to leave him. But before she could leave, he killed her. Like Tonya, Faith was planning to leave Gregory also. She’d filed for divorce and in 2013 she tried to get a restraining order, but was denied by the judge.

Faith had no clue that Gregory had been in prison for the murder of his wife. I doubt had she known, she would have married him. He’d only been out of prison two years, before they were married. Personally, I do wonder if he even told her he had been in jail at all. If he had, what reason did he give her for his incarceration. But all of this is a small dot compared to what ultimately happened to her family because of him. Mrs. Green will forever blame herself and him for what happened. It’s a human trait to blame yourself. But I do hope that she can find a way to go on keep the memory of all her children alive. I watched the video of her facing the man who ruined her life (the link is below) and she was incredibly strong. I pray for her and hope that she can find a way to somehow carry on with her life.

Gregory Green was sentenced to a mandatory two years, followed by 45 to 100 years in prison. He’ll be 97 years old when he’ll be eligible for parole.



Faith Green:

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