Author Spotlight – Simone “ShePhoenix” Higginbotham

I have always wanted to do more author spotlights. When I heard about this writer and what her book was about, I knew she had to be the first author under the spotlight. I give you, Simone “She Pheonix” Higginbotham!


       Simone O. Higginbotham, also known as ShePhoenix, is the Owner of SheProductions, LLC, ReBirth Magazine, Cool & Casual Sunday PHAT Girl Takeover Brand and a Community Volunteer. The community activist, AmeriCorps Alumni, and a 45 year old divorced and single mother of one, is a woman with ambition to make it to the top! Raised by a single mother in a bad neighborhood, she never allowed her situation to dictate her purpose or destiny. Simone does her best to be a pillar in the community, but also realizes that she is a work in progress. She admits that she has flaws and may not be what others want her to be, but she is all that she can be and loves herself, flaws, curves, and all.

As a determined, hardworking self-starter and obviously a woman who wears many hats, she could not stop and knew what she had to do to succeed in the business industry so she began to write her vision and made it plain. She immediately began developing her own brand, SheProductions, LLC. She has made many strides and developed great relationships with other companies, a rapport with her community, and now has established colleagues that she has partnered with to not only put her company on the map, but unselfishly help theirs also.

Simone is definitely moving in the right direction and has her eye on the prize. She feels giving up is not an option and will not let anything stop her. By stepping out on faith, Simone created ReBirth Magazine, a vehicle to give a voice to the voiceless. The third Anniversary of ReBirth Magazine will be celebrated on August of this year. A few more of Simone’s greatest accomplishments are releasing her first novel Caged by Words-Something like a Memoir on April 12, 2015. The novel details the emotional, mental and verbal abuse she endured during her marriage. She is currently expanding the PHAT Girl Brand by building the movement to encourage plus-size women to be confident and comfortable in their own skin. Although PHAT Girl Brand I her newest endeavor it will include events and opportunities for the Plus-Size woman to express herself in a positive manner for herself and other women like herself.


The Prelude…

God will I ever be happy? Will I ever be loved? I am just so tired of the way that I am living, but what can I do? I don’t want to be alone. Oh Lord! In actuality, I am alone. He is never home hardly, just long enough to bathe and dress.

In my head if I walk away, it makes me a failure and entirely my fault. I can hear my family now; Sydney had a good husband and couldn’t keep him happy. Doesn’t she know how lucky she is that a guy that looks like Kenneth would give her a second look, let alone marry her? I can remember when we first started seeing each other. They wondered how did this fat girl get this guy to date her. I wondered the same thing myself and still do this day.

Let’s face it. I have nothing to offer any other man and it is best that I hold on to what I have. I tried everything under the sun to get this man to see my heart and who I am behind all this weight. God please help to get where I need to be for Kenneth to love me and want me the way I need him to! I am just so tired of feeling bad every day of my life.


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