Grey’s Anatomy: Lives Given

Recap: Stadler is dead! At long last the monster is gone. Show of hands, how many of you thought Jo and Karev tried to kill the ex-husband? Neither did I. I didn’t see Jo being that vindictive; and Karev already had his chance to kill Stadler and didn’t take it. Side-note: Meredith was hilarious!

Back on topic, Sadler was last seen threatening Jo. He told her that now that he knew where she was, he would keep in touch. The next time we see him, he’s screaming in pain and bleeding out in a bed. Once everything came out, we found out he was hit by a drunk driver. His fiancé Jenny finally got up the nerve to tell him she was leaving him. Sadler became so enraged that he tried to attack her, lost his balance, and hit his head on the edge of the bed. His brain began to swell, and Sadler was diagnosed brain dead.

Though Sadler’s demise was tied up in a pretty bow, it was Jo’s ending decision that changed this entire episode for me. Since she was still married to Sadler, it was left up to Jo to make a final decision on what should happen to him. Jo decided to donate his organs. I thought this was a beautiful way to put an end to a monster. He’d spent his entire life tormenting others and now his organs would be used for good.

As I said before, Sadler’s death was tied in a neat, little bow. Of course, in real life abusive relationships do not end this way. I’m sure some of you wish it they did. I, for sure am one of them. However, I did learn a very important lesson from these past couple of weeks of Grey’s Anatomy. Forgiveness is an amazing thing. It’s also the best revenge. So, my advice is to forgive yourself and your abuser. It’s not about them; it’s about you moving on with your life. See you on TGIT!!

~Be Blessed~


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