Love Is Not Abuse

Love Is Not Abuse is an app for parents to learn more about teen dating violence. The app was created by Liz Claiborne, Inc and it can be found in the Apple store. And it’s free! The app gives you a twenty-four trial of what controlling and abusive behavior is like. The user will receive text messages, emails, and phone calls. The pretend boyfriend/girlfriend on the other end will threaten the user with different scenarios if they do not agree to their request. For example, if the pretend boyfriend/girlfriend of the user asks them to unfriend someone Facebook and the user doesn’t, the pretend boyfriend/girlfriend will make threats. The app also includes tips and information on teen dating abuse. Videos are available to teach parents about abuse methods that violate privacy. Below is the link to the YouTube video that shows you how all this works.


Surprisingly, some people criticize the app for being unrealistic and too general. I believe any app that helps a parent connect with and protect their teen is greatly needed. To say this app is unrealistic is a bit of a stretch. The quickest way for a teen to be controlled is through social media. Teens are glued to their phones twenty-four hours a day; constant phone calls and text messages is the number one option to control their significant others. We must do something to protect our children and we need all open paths to do it.

~Be Blessed~

YouTube Video:

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