The Assault On Women

     An assault on a woman does not occur once. It continues throughout her life. First, she’s attacked physically. A man decides a woman saying ‘no’ to his advances, should be ignored. Or maybe he takes this as a challenge and works harder to turn her ‘no’ into a ‘yes’.

     Second, if she comes forward, she is vilified by the public. They ask her to list her prior sex partners. They delve into any other complaints she may have made in the pass. Was she drinking that night? How much? Was she flirting with him? What was she wearing? And what is the man asked? Nothing. He is touted as the victim. He is treated as if his world has been torn apart. He is not the victim! He is the monster! Only a monster can smile at you after he hurts you.

     Lastly, the true victim must live with this the rest of her life. There is no forgetting and just moving on with her life. There will be nightmares, flashbacks, and a thousand other things that will make a woman feel as if she is losing her mind. And when you look her in the eyes and tell her that it was a mistake and that boys will be boys, you assault her all over again.

     That is what our world has come to. It’s come down to women becoming game. The hunted. We are being hunted and our names are being crossed off lists as conquests. This is not a game; this is not fun. When will men learn that sexual assault is not a night stand or getting lucky on a date. This is rape!

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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