An Introduction

For many of you you’ve heard my story before. But for those who are new to my world, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Laura T. Johnson and I am a survivor of domestic violence. I spent two and half years being abused physically and emotionally. I won’t give you the gory details, there’s no need for that. However, I will tell you how much it changed me. It turned me into person that stopped trusting herself. I went from an assured woman to a woman who couldn’t trust herself. I remember feeling as if I was losing my mind. That’s a feeling you never forget. There are a long list of things I will never forget. Hearing my own screams and feeling as though the tears would never stop, are just to name a few. I understand that moments in our lives are meant to change us. It’s part of the evolution of life. No one can go through their entire life without changing. It’s not possible. So, I changed again. After a few years of depression, thoughts of suicide, and then prayer; I became something better than the old me. I became the woman I’m supposed to be. I learned that I read people a lot better than I use to. I also learned that my strength knows no bounds. That through God I can do anything. Today, I come to you as a woman and a sharer of stories. Stories that help women and men with their own trials, and hopefully triumphs. As I’ve said time and time again, there is life after abuse. I am proof of that. Welcome to my world.

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