Words and Wine

A great time was had by all this weekend! Tomorrow’s best sellers showed up. Thank you to Angela Kay Austin, Jae Henderson, and Lar’Juanette Williams for including me in this event.


First Read of the Year!


Newlyweds Alice and Jake are a picture-perfect couple. Alice, once a singer in a well-known rock band, is now a successful lawyer. Jake is a partner in an up-and-coming psychology practice. Their life together holds endless possibilities. After receiving an enticing wedding gift from one of Alice’s prominent clients, they decide to join an exclusive and mysterious group known only as The Pact.

The goal of The Pact seems simple: to keep marriages happy and intact. And most of its rules make sense. Always answer the phone when your spouse calls. Exchange thoughtful gifts monthly. Plan a trip together once per quarter. . . .

Never mention The Pact to anyone.

Alice and Jake are initially seduced by the glamorous parties, the sense of community, their widening social circle of like-minded couples.

And then one of them breaks the rules.

The young lovers are about to discover that for adherents to The Pact, membership, like marriage, is for life. And The Pact will go to any lengths to enforce that rule.

For Jake and Alice, the marriage of their dreams is about to become their worst nightmare.

Let’s get started!!

Words with Angela Kay Austin & Friends


Making the decision to take a chance on a dream can be difficult. It’s even harder, if you do it alone. Angela Kay Austin and her friends: Jae Henderson and Laura T. Johnson are here to answer your questions. If you’ve always wanted to know answers to questions like: where do I find an editor, how do I submit to a publisher or what is an anthology, join Angela Kay Austin and her friends to discover the answers.

Click the link for more information: http://bit.ly/2BI1ZE3



From fearless to fearful, from laughing to screaming.

From happiness to sorrow.

All these things have one common denominator: YOU!

I know I shouldn’t blame you for everything, but I do.

I blame you for taking away my innocence,

For forcing me into situations that I have never been in.

I blame you for never listening to reason.

I blame you for all these things and more.

You promised to always protect me, to put me before anyone, except God.

You promised me all these things and you broke every one of them.

After all the lies and broken promises, I just wanted to say…

I forgive you and I love you.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash